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I was in Reno over the weekend for my nephew graduation. I went by the Dayton properties. I was very happy to see the tenants were keeping up the properties. I just wanted to thank both of you for staying on top of the properties. I also want to say, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's.



Chris N

Thank you so much for your friendship and assistance to me and my mother. You are considered chosen family among us.
Rhonda Z

Thanks for all of your hard work on my behalf!

Best Regards,

Pat D

Sounds like you are on top of things like always. The insurance lady thinks you are a wonderful person. I told her I agree with her.


Nancy B

Ryan, talk to Leandra Carr. Her office is over by Smiths and she can help you. Remember, commissions are negotiable. You could raise your price to cover part of the commission and she will help you stage the place to show better. She lives in the neighborhood and knows it in and out. You can get full price with your location, but you need help with the process and the presentation of your home.

‭Her number is (775) 690-2591‬, and she is excellent!

Thanks for meeting with us today, and I wish you well.

Wendell M

Leandra: Thanks so much for the immediate response. Jackie Gleason used to say that he was the greatest, but he obviously had never met or done business with you!

David L

Leandra worked as both seller's and buyer's agent for us. She negotiated prices that were great, and helped us through each step, providing information and putting us in touch with professionals through the process. At times, it seemed like it would take forever, but in reality, our sale and purchase happened rather quickly. I am very appreciative of her knowledge and assistance during a very emotional time. We are so pleased with our new home and thankful for her patience with us, as we had a lot to learn. I do not plan to make another move, but I would have Leandra help me again, if things change.

Laura C

Very friendly & caring about a future tenant. Took time to discuss tenants concerns. I would highly recommend this place to any person looking to rent

Bodie T

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