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Fire & Alcohol to Clean The Energy in Your Space?

Space Clearing

The year is half over. Are you keeping up with your awareness of the energy in your living and work spaces? If you feel that it’s a good idea to be “out with the old” or even time to create space for something new, clear the invisible energies to allow the newness in. One of my favorite space-clearing rituals is a salt burn. Give it a try!

Here’s what you need and how to do it:

You need: 1 coffee mug that you are willing to throw away, a fire-safe place to sit the mug, some Epsom salts, an unopened bottle of high-alcohol-content alcohol, and a match.

Place the coffee mug on a brick, the fireplace hearth, in a skillet, or even place it in a shallow pan of water. (We’re doing these things for fire-safety.

Center yourself by doing a few mantras if you know them or deep breaths – or do whatever it takes for you to create full focus.

Fill your palm with the salt and place the salt in the mug (three times.)

Open a new bottle of very high-proof alcohol (regular rubbing alcohol does not usually have a high enough percentage of alcohol to burn is why I suggest the drinking kind.) And pour in just enough to cover the salt.

Light a match and drop it in the mixture.

While the mixture is lit, visualize any negative, sluggish, or inappropriate energies for you going into the fire and being transformed into positive energy or simply being taken away. You can add any mantra, mudra, or prayer that you feel is necessary. When I am doing a one-on-one consultation for a client, I usually say “Anything negatively affecting my clients be transformed into positive energy, or released from this space now.” If nothing else, use that sentence switching “my clients” to “me” or whomever.

When the salt burns out, let it cool a bit and then flush it down the toilet or simply throw the entire mug and all in the trash out of the home.

There is a wonderful book by Denise Linn that has a ton of great space clearing methods. If this one doesn't strike you as appropriate, it is called Sacred Space.

Woo-hoo! Let’s rock the second half of this year now that we’re all cleared out and intending new opportunities to come our way!

In service,



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Karen Rauch Carter

Best-Selling Feng Shui Author, Consultant & Speaker

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